You will find the Table of Contents for the course modules here, followed by descriptions of what you will find in each module.

Please note that the module on How to Do a C-Section is available separately. You may not be planning on a C-section, but Dr. Lindemann believes every women should know what this major surgery involves in case you are faced with having an emergency C-section.

Table of Contents of the Course

Module  1:

  • Welcome
  • Course Overview

Module 2:

  • Causes of Maternal Mortality
  • Lauren’s Story
  • Standard of Care

Module 3:

  • The Demise of Obstetrical Services
  • Fear of Risk Often Destroys Good Healthcare

Module 4:

  • Reducing the C-Section Rate
  • How to Do a C-Section
  • Ending Violent Birth

Module 5:

  • Specialty Hospitals for Birthing

Module 6:

  • Conclusion: Standing Orders

Bonus Interview:

  • Bonus: Interview with the Quadruplets I delivered

Description of What You Will Find in Each Module

Module  1:


Meet Dr. Alan Lindemann and find out more about his 4 decades of experience delivering over 6,000 babies with zero maternal deaths. It has been his lifelong mission to deliver healthy babies from healthy mothers which led to the creation of this online pregnancy course.

Course Overview

Dr. Lindemann provides an overview of what will be discussed in this course and how it will focus on maternal mortality rate and the factors around it. Dr. Lindemann presents through this course trustworthy information that may save your life or the lives of pregnant women you know.

Module 2:

Causes of Maternal Mortality

Learn about the different pregnancy complications, how things can go wrong that can lead to maternal mortality, and how these can be addressed and avoided. Dr. Lindemann shares anecdotes from his patients’ and his own experience.

Lauren’s Story

Gain more understanding of pregnancy complications and what can be done to avoid these by knowing Lauren Hanson’s story. Dr. Lindemann discusses the details of Lauren’s case and provides an explanation to help you understand what you should be looking out for during your pregnancy and delivery.

Standard of Care

Get a perspective on what medicine calls the “standard of care.” Dr. Lindemann discusses three obstetrical problems that he thinks can be handled in better ways than the standard of care to decrease maternal mortality.

Module 3:

The Demise of Obstetrical Services

Dr. Lindemann shares a bit about the loss of obstetrical services especially in the rural areas. He provides a context to what hinders the development of good obstetrical services, both urban and rural.

Fear of Risk Often Destroys Good Healthcare

Find out how insurance companies and hospitals’ fear of risks may increase the risks for pregnant women and their babies. Dr. Lindemann provides case studies to explain how many of these perceived hiigh risk pregnancies could become low risk with changes in the care of pregnant women.

Module 4:

Reducing the C-Section Rate

Learn the reasons why babies are delivered via c-section and why this may not be necessary. Dr. Lindemann talks about c-section and VBAC and shares his first-hand experience: from a woman who had a VBAC after four c-sections to delivering twins which were both breech.

How to Do a C-Section

Learn what C-section  techniques can avoid complications. Dr. Lindemann discusses  two techniques to help reduce complications: (1)easy open and easy close and (2) get in and get out. As surgical procedures to reduce risk

Ending Violent Birth

Dr. Lindemann discusses why the widely accepted practice of labor induction is so popular, how it is done, and how it works. Dr. Lindemann provides information about the various kinds of induction and notes  the effects on both the mother and the fetus.

Module 5:

Specialty Hospitals for Birthing

See a comparison of vaginal birth and C-section not just in a medical sense but also in terms of costs and the other related factors. Dr. Lindemann explains how safety should remain the top priority and how the safer route can save money and offer better outcomes.

Module 6:


Get practical advice from Dr. Lindemann to include in your birth plan. He provides copies of the standing orders he used with labor and delivery as a guide for the things to watch out for and expect during hospital admission for pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Bonus Interview:

More than 20 years ago, Dr. Alan Lindemann successfully delivered a set of quadruplets with parents, Sandy and Doug Powell. It was a time when medical practitioners were quick to advise selective reduction. The couple with their 4 children, agreed to be interviewed to tell the story of the pregnancy and successful birth.