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28 November 2023

John Smith on his podcast Searching for Integrity interviewed Dr.Lindemann about safe pregnancy.

24 November 2023

Dr.Lindemann talked about night sweats during pregnancy on his podcast this week.

19 November 2023

Dr. Lindemann wrote about the difference between screening tests and diagnostic tests on Substack.

November 15 2023

Jerry Snider talked with Dr.Lindemann on partnering with your physician for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

14 November 2023

30Seconds posted Dr. Lindemann’s information on preventing osteoporosis.

13 November 2023

Dr. Lindemann’s Substack post this week is about “The Nursing Shortage That Isn’t.” There is much talk about the current nursing shortage, but the shortage is a result of the switching to team nursing to primary care nursing.

11 November 2023

Dr.Lindemann’s podcast about maternal mortality is now live on KevinMD.

7 November 2023

The Denver Journal published the great recommendation by the mother of the quadruplets for Dr. Lindemann’s new book, Pregnancy Your Way: Have a Safe and Happy Birth.

6 November 2023

Pregnant and over 35? Parents has some tips for having a healthy pregnancy after 35.

5 November 2023

Fathers should be welcome at prenatal visits.

4 November 2023

Did you know that you can make decisions to “steer” your pregnancy towards the kind of outcomes you want?

3 November 2023

You might want to check out Dr. Lindemann’s blog post on what you should know about C-sections.

2 November 2023

Dr. Lindemann offers advice on how to manage the anxiety of miscarriage on Little Things.

1 November 2023

Dr. Lindemann’s article on the maternal mortality crisis in the U.S. published on

31 October 2023

Dr. Lindemann writes his own material. He does not use ChatBot for any information he provides. That being said, how can you figure out whether what you read online is totally manufactured or based on a reliable source? There are some valuable tools for figuring out the reliability of the information you see online in Charlotte Maher’s Bellingcat article “Separating Fact from Fiction on Social Media in Times of Conflict.”

30 October 2023

Did you know that your baby decides when to be born? Check out Dr. Lindemann’s discussion on his Twitter page.

29 October 2023

When Dr. Lindemann created his Pregnancy Your Way supporter group, he had not yet picked a title for the book he was writing. He decided to call his recently published book Pregnancy Your Way, which gets to be confusing with a supporter group of the same name. So today, he has blended the supporter group information with his site and you can read all about it at, no longer to be confused with Dr. Lindemann’s book Pregnancy Your Way book.

28 October 2023

Dr. Lindemann has added a blog post on cramping in pregnancy.

27 October 2023

Rajan from Pulse 107 FM interviewed Dr. Lindemann about how to be aware of postpartum depression, not just as a mother, but also as a father.

26 October 2023

Really nice press release about our new book Pregnancy Your Way!

25 October 2023

Do you know what days in your cycle you are likely to become pregnant? In this LinkedIn article, Dr. Lindemann explains how to determine your fertile days.

24 October 2023

Did you know fathers can develop postpartum depression? Dr. Lindemann talks with Great Dad’s host Paul Banas about how the signs of postpartum depression differs between men nd women.

23 October 2023

In this interview, Dr. Lindemann talks with Pastor Greg about corporate medicine’s role in the rapidly increasing¬† maternal mortality rate in the U.S.

22 October 2023

Pregnant and Expecting Twins? See what advice Dr. Lindemann has for multiple births on 30 Seconds.

21 October 2023

Dr. Lindemann talked about tips for having a healthy pregnancy after 35 on Parents .

20 October 2023

The model for pregnancy, labor, and delivery I learned in residency no longer exists except in some cases with home births. In my course, I will tell you how, from my perspective, this patient centered model of labor and delivery has become corrupted by the profit mongering of corporate medicine. Course Welcome Page can be watched for free. You may also download the Course Curriculum.

19 October 2023

The New York Post’s book recommendations for pregnant women hit the streets today and includes Pregnancy Your Way!

18 October 2023

Motherhood Moment recently shared Dr. Lindemann’s tips for breastfeeding.

17 October 2023

Dr. Kevin Pho interviewed Dr. Lindemann about personalized blood pressure care in pregnancy.

16 October 2023

Lorie Johnson, a medical reporter for CBN, recently interviewed Dr. Lindemann on safe pregnancy.

15 October 2023

The first three months after your baby is born is now being called the fourth trimester. Dr. Lindemann talks about what to expect when you go home with your new baby in his latest blog post.

14 October 2023

A virtual launch party for a newly published book was a new experience for Dr. Lindemann.

13 October 2023

Dr. Lindemann talks with Kevin Pho of KevinMD about the difficulty patients have today in getting access to personalized care.

12 October 2023

Motherhood Moment has published Dr. Lindemann’s tips for what is called the fourth trimester, the three months after giving birth.

11 October 2023

Dr. Lindemann just launched his new book, Pregnancy Your Way: Have a Safe and Happy Birth. In this interview, Dr. Sara Brown talks with Dr. Lindemann about why he wrote the book.

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