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Over four decades. Dr. Lindemann delivered 6000 babies with no maternal mortalities. Now retired, he is committed to providing women with the the safe pregnancy information he believes played a large part in his success in delivering healthy babies.  He understands the importance of  patient-centered care. He goal is to empower women everywhere to actively participate in their safe pregnancy and delivery decisions.

Dr. Lindemann has written extensive resources aimed to bridge this gap in patient-centered care, providing readily accessible information that empowers women to make informed choices about their health.

As an obstetrician, Dr. Lindemann knows from experience that successful pregnancy and delivery requires close attention to detail. Patients need doctors who will listen to them. Patients need time to talk to their doctors and ask questions. He also knows that our current healthcare environment tends to make it very difficult for women to have access to the same doctor for all their visits, or even have the doctor they know deliver their baby.

Your one-stop destination for Dr. Lindemann’s comprehensive information about safe pregnancy, labor, and delivery.


Dr.Lindemann’s blog can be found on his site. Currently, his blog provides over 80 entries about various topics of concern to pregnant women, from what the difference between cervical ripening and induction is to how to prevent infertility. There is a Table of Contents listing the 80 entries, but there is also a search feature which allows you to search the 80 entries by topic.

Oh, as an aside, please know that Dr. Lindemann writes his articles himself. There are no ChatBt or Bard regurgitations in his posts!


Dr. Lindemann’s weekly podcasts offer in-depth coverage of topics in women’s health, especially safe pregnancy. He believes it is important for women to have the knowledge to be comfortable in questions of their physicians.

For those who prefer reading rather than listening to podcasts, Dr. Lindemann provides blog posts on much of the information found in his podcasts, from how to know if you are bleeding too much after delivery to what to do if you can’t shake the baby blues.


Dr. Lindemann’s latest book, Pregnancy Your Way: Choose a Safe and Happy Birth, provides invaluable information about how to transform high-risk pregnancies into low-risk pregnancies, empowering women to co-create safe and fulfilling pregnancies with their doctors. Check out Dr. Lindemann’s Flight Plan for pregnancy!

Be sure to check out Dr. Lindemann’s two previous books, Safe Pregnancy Explained: Three Steps to a Safer Pregnancy and his book about the five reasons healthcare costs so much in Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know.

Dr. Lindemann contributes regularly to Kevin Pho’s web site where those in the medical profession share their ideas and stories.

Media Coverage

Dr. Lindemann’s extensive online press kit highlights his commitment to providing women everywhere with access to valuable healthcare information .


The media often presents physicians as arrogant persons who aren’t particularly sympathetic to patient needs. There are many physicians who have serious concerns about healthcare today. Dr. Lindemann’s interviews with physicians offers a glimpse into the human side of medicine and and the challenges physicians face in the practice of medicine.


Read about Dr. Lindemann’s thought-provoking commentary on the state of medicine today.

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So many web sites, even blog sites, now require subscriptions to access the information on the topic. Dr. Lindemann is committed to providing his information about safe and happy pregnancy for free precisely because many women do not have access to this information.

We believe the Guardian newspaper gets it right when they say:

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If you find the information on Dr. Lindemann’s site to be valuable and informative, please consider making a donation of even a dollar. Your support will help women all over the world to access Dr. Lindemann’s information on safe and happy pregnancies.