In his nearly four decades as an obstetric physician, Dr. Alan has delivered more than 6,000 babies with no maternal mortalities! Now retired, he focuses on providing maternal health and wellness information in a healthcare environment where women often have little access to patient-centered care or the information they need to make good decisions for themselves in our current healthcare environment.

Dr. Lindemann’s goal is to encourage women everywhere to learn what they need to know to make safe pregnancy choices and to learn how to “steer” their own pregnancies towards the kind of labor and delivery they want for themselves. With the information provided in the many resources Dr. Lindemann has created, pregnant women can learn what they need to know to discuss with confidence their pregnancy choices with their doctors.

Dr.Lindemann has practiced most of his career in North Dakota, including several small towns. Known as Rural Doc Alan, he now focuses on making maternal health and wellness content available to women everywhere, especially those who lack access to safe pregnancy information.

Dr. Lindemann’s goal is to reach women everywhere who might not otherwise have access to this information. He is inspiring women to learn how to steer their own pregnancies and deliveries, as well as their long-term overall health.

Dr. Lindemann’s online press kit lists online interviews and articles appearing on many well-known web sites about pregnancy and women and their families.

Rural Doc Alan's unwavering commitment to providing women with reliable, accessible healthcare information is a beacon of hope in today's complex healthcare landscape. Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions about your health. Visit Rural Doc Alan's comprehensive resource center today and embark on a journey towards informed healthcare choices.

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